Dreams… the language of your soul.

This platform is for you, the dreamer.

Who seeks to understand why you remember your dreams, what they mean, the different types of dreams, and all the experiences that blend both night and day.

Dreams serve a purpose, they provide insights, the ways and means physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The truth and beauty behind dreams is to be balanced and the best version of yourself.

Dreams are a prerequisite to spiritual experiences and astral experiences.

What you learn about dreams, applies to physical reality, experiences, and the astral plane.

May your dream journey be as rewarding as the gift that they are.

Answers are not here, just guidance on your path of exploration, your answers will come from your commitment to recording, understanding, and studying your dreams.

Dreams are subjective and my suggestions on each of the different elements are from using logic and reasoning, logic and reasoning is helpful to understand the generic message of your dreams, yet, to have a deeper meaningful message, use your association with an element when you have one and view each element from different angles, in connection to the surrounding scene.

Dreams are your direct, undistorted, unfiltered connection and communication with your true self and consciousness, and your dream journey will be as rewarding as you choose it to be.

Your consciousness scans all of you to settle upon a matter worth exploring for personal growth and to help you along your path.

You may dream of yesterday, a solution to a problem, guidance to a new potential, or see a possible future.

Here on this website, I explore how dreams communicate, the different elements that appear in dreams, and practical ways to work with your dreams.

Learn How Dreams Communicate

Learn how to remember dreams, watch a 30 minute video on how to understand dreams or a practical on how to translate your dream step by step, here you can learn the principles of how dreams communicate.

Dream Elements

Search individual elements which I am constantly updating.

To take it a step further, you can read through the different categories and see how the surroundings of the scene of your dreams contribute to the message.

Dream Journey

For the advanced dreamer who wants to dance the rhythm of Dreamtime both day and night.

Dream Journey explores the different types of dreams and how to use dreams for personal development.

Dreamtime explores practical ways to work with dreams, dream phenomena and sensory experiences.

Dream Literature explores thought provoking insights on dreams.

What dreams explore

General daily dreams explore aspects of you. 

Who you are, your life, and your path.

Each dream is about a matter that can help you in some way, shape, or form.  The matter could be yesterday’s dramas, a project you have, a relationship, a physical health problem, or a forewarning of where your life is leading.  The message of your dream will give you the details you need from an in-depth and intelligent angle so you can discover, examine, and establish your truth.

Your dreams are not limited in the way the conscious waking mind is.  Therefore, the higher level of information communicated will be insightful and perceptive, giving you a 360-degree understanding and sense of the matter with both subjective and objective truth.

Your dreams choose what is of importance to you each night you dream.

Your subconscious settles on a matter that is of importance, something where you can improve the quality of your life.  Providing you the suggestions, tools, solutions, and answers, you need to continue, alter, change, or stop something.

If you choose to continue a matter that a dream was about, for better or worse, your dreams will update you on your progress or regress.  If a matter has layers to it, sequential dreams will unravel it in its entirety. 

When you dare to use dreams for personal growth,
you will be confronted and liberated by expanding your awareness objectively.

What dreams explore:

  1. Processing yesterday, like an argument or a business deal.  This is so you can sense the situation again from angles that will help you somehow.
  2. An emotion that is restricting you and affecting your quality of life, such as a fear or a bad relationship.  These dreams will help you understand the layers of the emotion, how and where it is restricting you, and guide you to a balanced outcome.
  3. Thoughts that stream through your mind about yourself, others, the world, and beyond this plane.  This could be self-doubt thoughts that are restricting you or an answer to a philosophical question you have been contemplating.
  4. Investigating possible scenarios when you have options, like when you have a couple of opportunities for a career move, and you are weighing the best option, or you are wondering if you should continue to date someone.  Your dream will consider everything including the things you had not thought of or did not know, so you can make the best-informed decision.
  5. Messages that help you.  These will come in the form of a suggestion, tool, solution, or answer, coherently or allegorically.  They can be as simple as cleansing your thoughts through to a solution of a latent creative art form you are inspired to manifest.
  6. Answers to a problem, like writer’s block or an obstacle in a project of yours.  From a famous song to an invention, many have shared how their dreams helped them with their idea or project.
  7. Personal messages that have an important meaning or relevance to you.  These are highlighted with a dream element that symbolises a ‘message’, like an envelope or phone call.
  8. A probable future, that is based on the current direction you are on.  This peek preview of what is ahead of you can be attached to any dream where you need to see the probable outcome of your actions.
  9. Premonitions where you see coherently or allegorically an event that plays out in waking life after the dream.
  10. A message forewarning you of the destructive path ahead, like an accident or wrong career move.  Any harmful situation forecasted on your path can be forewarned through an unpleasant dream.  Heed the information from this dream.  A sound or a dream element that symbolises ‘warning’ adds urgency to the message of the dream.
  11. Timing guidance is where you dream of a date or timeline.  This may be for a special event or as guidance over a period.  The latter will be a dream to help you with a situation or to achieve something.  If you note this on a calendar, you can monitor your progress and re-analyse the dreams information when needed.  This platform is a result of timing guidance whereby I was trying to figure out what I could do, and my dream suggested resting for a few months, giving me the specific months, which I did, and this allowed me to have space in my thoughts and then this platform was then seeded.
  12. Updates on situations, such as your progress on a destructive behaviour or pattern that you have been repeating or improving.  Wherever you are at with a situation, your dreams will update you, maybe a pat on the back, showing you that your decisions have been fruitful or maybe a prompt because you have relapsed into unhealthy old ways.

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