Spiritual Growth

A Journey Around the Sun

Author, Morepork

Like all journeys, there’s a beginning, this beginning starts on Wednesday 12th of January 1966, at approximately 6.30 pm. 

My mum had just swallowed her last mouthful of roast pork and I decided I wanted some of that.  Three hours later, my silent arrival had my mum question the Doctor, “Is something wrong?”

“No, he has been here before,” as my big black eyes looked around for that pork.

Unlike my siblings, who were born during the day, my nighttime arrival was the spirit of the Morepork.  My mum struggled endlessly to keep me awake during the hours of sunlight, and when night fell, I was placed in the lounge so my family could sleep.

I wonder what I got up to.

I recall having a reoccurring dream when I was young, where I was walking down a dark alley, and there was a tall dark figure, in black, wearing a black hat, standing under a street lamp.  This nightmare stopped when I learnt of the fairy folk.  My Father and Grandmother spoke to me every night for nearly a year about the ‘little folk’.  On the night that one appeared, I grabbed it and fell asleep, easing my fears and never dreaming of the dark alley again.  From the next night on, there was a beam of light that shone above my head, like the street lamp.

One day I asked my father, “Who is your Grandmother?”

“I didn’t know her, you are from the Northland Tribe and Presbyterian Church and that is all you need to know.”

“I wondered about a Greenstone Brooch that was appearing in my dreams”, I added.  The look on my father’s face is one I will always remember.

That afternoon, Dad and I took a drive, just the two of us, which was unusual.  We arrived at my Aunties and I was told to stay in the car.  My father’s eldest sister came out of the house, I got out of the car and she led me into the house and straight into a darkened room.

“She’s in the box, don’t let the light see her,” was all my Aunty said before she walked out and closed the door.

There on the bed, was a cardboard box.  On the box was a woman’s name in my native tongue.  Taking a moment to understand what I was looking at, wondering if it could be the brooch from my dreams, I open the box.  Not knowing what to do, I sat in awe with the brooch in my hand, then placed her back in the box, and closed the lid.

“She will be here when you come again,” Aunty simply said as we departed. 

While driving home, Dad enquired what I had been doing in there all that time, what I thought had been 10 minutes, turned out to be nearly an hour.

When I was 18, my Aunty gave me the brooch and its unruly story.  How could a beautiful piece of jewellery carry such a nasty curse?  Why did I dream of it and now it is in my hands?

My spiritual path started up again when I was nearly 33.  I met a lady who instinctively knew things about me, the exposure had my curiosity and we planned to meet again.  The day arrived and it pelted down with rain, I postponed the visit and reorganised it for another time.  Same thing the next time.  The third time, the rain pelted down the night before I was due to see her, the difference this time was the goddess energy on my windowpane.  A stray black cat trying to shelter from the rain was all I needed to see, to know, rain or not, I needed to go.

After the long drive south, knowing the location, not the destination, I pulled over to the side of the road, alongside a row of townhouses near the longest river that flows between our two cities.  The place looked familiar, and then I remembered, I have been here before.  At that moment, one of the townhouse doors swings open and the woman bellows out, “You made it, come in.  Your father guided you here and now I will give you a Star-Seed Activation, from my home star, Sirius.”

In the following days, months and years, my path was paved before me.  I was offered sponsorship into the order of the International Co freemasonry by a 33 Degree Mason.  My activation was in full swing, and my senses were heightened.  I saw everyone in colourful stars, and some were not so colourful.  I didn’t understand what was happening, energy healers and spiritual churches didn’t know, and then things took a turn for the worst. 

With a few words from my sponsor, she helped me.  I had been too far out of my body.

“Hopefully this is a sure sign of what direction to take,” the comfort of her words did not drown out everything that had just happened, I needed a break!

Next thing, I am working with a priest who was guiding me to be a counsellor at Higher Ground.  Yet, my past was echoing in my mind, and a part of me wanted to understand what took place during my activation.  To the utter disappointment of the Priest, I took the devil’s path and enrolled into a Reiki Course.  With this new direction, I began to remember pieces of my activation. 

My childhood experiences were now integrating into my encounters with others.  Things I had seen in my youth were now resurfacing.  The 5 children I saw playing on the deck outside my childhood room were a group of women I later worked with.  One day while at work, out of the blue, one of the women accused one of the other women, “It’s her fault we are here, she was the pilot of the craft that crashed.” 

Directing her attention to me, she triggered the memory of the playful children, “Don’t you remember us playing on your deck at night?”

All was unravelling itself and making sense.  Everything I saw and experienced; the old woman who stood at the foot of my bed, dreaming of the brooch, and the vibrant colours that turned into people or animals, all had a bigger meaning, only to be significant later in life.

This journey has been to remember, to keep the memory alive of those before me.  At various moments when I experienced something, I was experiencing a part of their journey, a part that I could change.  When the time came, an encounter would present itself that reflected a childhood experience and I could help steer that situation, that person or group into the light.  

Maybe that was the light entrusted to me by the fairy folk that night, long ago.  The tall man in the dark alley who haunted my childhood dreams was just the inner reflection of myself, I was seeing my potential under the street lamp.  The light continued to shine, waiting for me to remember.

After several clairvoyants saying the same thing, I was ready to listen and remember. 

“You should be doing readings… your Remeses the 3rd…your Amon-Ra… your Ra… your Akenaten… these are your guides…”

The truth of these messages was revealed.  These people were my guides, guiding me further to the light, for me to remember that the light is my guide.  My consciousness portrayed these figures from history who vibrated at the same frequency, to attract me, and remind me.  Like attracts like.

My path was one of healing others.  I had the pleasure of working with Tohunga Pineaha Murray and Tohunga Reg Wharekura.  Reg, founder of NZ Māori Healers of Aotearoa, would read while 3 ladies performed the healing, this part of my journey introduced me to more of my family and in turn they explored some of the modalities I had learnt.  I would learn a modality, use it, and then like a cog in a wheel, I would be connected to another modality, stopping, and starting at each cog.  Each new system presented itself in a unique way, yet something was missing from each of them.  In time, I found the missing part of all my teachings when I fulfilled my prophecy, another lifelong repeated message that was ready to intertwine into my path.  I returned to the temple. 

In 2011 I joined the Rosicrucians.  The principles or universal laws I learnt, were what was missing from these modalities.  Once again things were making sense, a deeper understanding of how they work within the limits of the LIGHT and our journey around the sun.  A journey of remembering, who we are and the many possibilities that await and enlighten us.

Author, Morepork – Edited by, Shànna