Accepting the Fate of My Integrity

Maybe I feel uninspired, have a few bad omens, different options present themselves or decisions need to be made, whatever the situation, questioning my integrity, always helps.  I check in with my integrity as I move along my path, reminding myself of the original intention behind something I started or scanning a situation to see if it aligns with my morals.

Once upon a time, I did not realise how integrity plays a vital role in my foundations.  It is the fundamental groundwork of who I am, my choices, and the path before me.  I had never considered my integrity until the night I was faced with all the times I had not respected myself.

I had the flu and went to bed early, semi-conscious, I tossed and turned all night, and saw every encounter and situation where I did something that did not align with who I believed myself to be.  Shortly after the replay of my life had started, I came too, and in all capitals ‘INTEGRITY’, embedded across my vision.   As soon as I acknowledged what was happening, I drifted back in and accepted my fate.

The ramification of disregarding my foundations was an avalanche of more situations that did not align with who I was.  It was confronting.  It was also liberating.  I now understand what integrity is, and I know how to assess mine in a situation.  This practice challenges me and I honour the foundations that pave my path.

When did you learn of the concept of integrity and when did you start practising it?  I never recall integrity, morals or ethics being talked about in the family home, or at school.  An important fundamental knowledge that intertwines with situations and decisions and defines outcomes.

Integrity has been a solid foundation for building my website.  Whenever something arises, I reflect on the matter and the direction of its tide, I go back to the beginning, and retrace my path to the current state.  I know what seeded the website, I wanted to help others learn the language of dreams, and then for them to be able to teach others.  I see a future where the magic of dreams is explored and a part of the conversation at breakfast in the family home.

In contemplation of my dream journey project to help others, my partner did a butterfly spread from our Native American Animal Medicine Cards.  Every card he drew, was in rhythm with my heartbeat, reminding me of how nature is the true source of life and nourishment.

Before I start anything in my Dream Journey catalogue, I concentrate on my connection with the 4 animals and their stories.  When something arises, I strengthen my energy with the animal’s wisdom.  I enjoy creating practical tools that will last their duration.  Establishing how I was using the information from the spread, I decided on drawing a picture that has each of the animals in their directions, with surrounding elements that strengthen their meaning to me.  On the back behind the corresponding animal, I wrote the mantra or prayer that I had formulated during the bonding phase.

A short version:

The Raven gives me the courage to enter the darkness of the Great Mystery, the home of all that is not yet in form.  To not try to figure everything out as over time all experiences come full circle.

The Swan’s grace helps me in the other planes of imagination.  I feel the rhythm of the creator when I trust and flow with the currents beyond this illusion.

The Salmon reminds me that I know my purpose.  My behaviour reflects my path and I honour every encounter and situation as a gathering of wisdom. 

The Buffalo is my abundance, for my prayers have been heard, and I am grateful.

When I feel out of balance, I check in with my integrity.  Did I create restrictions, was I trying to control a scenario, was I not acting according to my truth, was I reacting in an unfruitful manner?  All can be amended with calibration by applying balance back into the situation.

Medicine Cards, The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals.
Jamie Sams and David Carson.