Blue Garden Orb

From savings seeds to eating with the seasons, gardening is rewarding.  Alongside the plants and the size of the garden growing, my knowledge and connection with the land grows too. 

Having had a successful spring of seedlings sprout, I was tending to those ready to be transplanted into the garden during a new moon phase.  I was focusing on being present in what I was doing and started to ask for guidance on transplanting.  Wanting help and support to do the right thing in harmony with nature so that each plants roots would embrace their new home.  As I am repeating myself in different ways, I remembered to speak in the ‘it is already happened’ manner.

Changing my words to saying thank you to the guidance was immediately met with a blue orb.  This blue orb not perfectly spherical in shape was on my left hand.  As I continued to be present with my thankfulness, it moved with my hands as I tended to the sweetcorn.

I felt connected.

When I moved on to the next set of plants, the blue orb was no longer there, yet I still felt connected as I stayed present with what I was doing, being thankful for that experience and what I learned from it. 

This experience reminds me every time I bless my food or am just in thought, to be thankful for what is already done.  For example: I had some health issues settle in and changed my wording of my garden picked herbal tea from ‘thank you for healing my body’, to ‘thank you for my good health’.  The changes are instant.

A good friend of mine had told his wife where he had lunch that day and as soon as she had told him that he would have stomach repercussions from that specific place, he felt his stomach churn.  He realised in that moment what had happened, and his stomach eased, and nothing eventuated. 

What a beautiful world if all our words are of current tense.  What a beautiful journey if all thoughts, words, actions, and energy are of health, wealth, and abundance.