Your Dream Journey is a creative space where you can learn and grow alongside your dreams. 
When you explore your dreamtime, the ripple effect of your experiences will allow you to help others and inspire their dream journey

Why talk with me?

I started recording my dreams a few times on and off until I committed myself to the practice 10 years ago. I was having vivid dreams, dreams of the future, dreams of other people’s matters, visually seeing things at night time or upon awakening, astral projections, and out-of-body experiences. So I started journalling all of them.

4 years ago, I met my partner who I have been able to talk with about all of the above and this was the accelerator that I needed after doing this on my own.

Talking with him allowed for me to explore my dreams and experiences more and see things from a different angle. I self-taught myself to decipher dreams and know that although there is a general collective dream language, my dialect is unique to me.

This is why I created this website and do these videos because you are the best person to decipher your dreams, and if I can help you along that journey of learning your dreams and experiences then you can help others.

My dream journey has confronted me, helped me, and inspired me. Are you ready to embrace and explore your dream journey?

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Please note: these calls can include reoccurring dream themes or common elements appearing in dreams, they are not for deciphering dreams.

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