Translating Dreams

Learn how to translate your dream within a few minutes into a one-liner message.
Dream translating practical
Dream translating practical part 2
Dream learning to record dreams.
How and why to give your dreams a title.
How the dream script can be written.
Understanding your dream language.
Are you wondering why you had that dream? Dreams can relate to something you are currently feeling, thinking, or going through. By scanning your dream to see what was done, said, or thought you can find a connection as to how it relates to your waking life.

Below are 3 practical tools

  • Dream Elements and Collective Meanings PDF
  • Dream Elements, Collective Meanings with Examples Excel
  • Dream Deciphering Method, Quick Reference Page PDF
How dreams intertwine with your path.
How yesterday intertwines with your dreams.
Asking your dreams questions.
Why ask your dreams questions?
Exploring the consciousness of dreams.
Different types of dreams.
Understanding dreamscape sequels and how they can intertwine with your path.
How reocurring dreams may intertwine with your path.
Bad dreams and nightmares.
When dreams have messages and warnings.
Dreams about cleansing or ridding yourself of something.
Crystal clear dreams.
A dream journey I had.

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