Dreaming of Animals

Dreaming about animals can allude to a characteristic trait, a behaviour, or your connection with them.

Animals can appear as a representation of their character traits such as a sloth alludes to slow and a dog alludes to friends or someone you are close with.

Animals can also represent their behaviour in nature, for example, seeing rabbits could allude to their behaviour of breeding like rabbits.

Animals can also represent their biological makeup, for example, when I dream of a snake it generally means renewal, relating to the snake’s ability to shed skin, something in my life is shedding and renewing itself.

Animals can also represent what they mean to you, if you are afraid of dogs then take this feeling and insert it into the message and see if it fits, why you are fearful of them could also help you understand the message.

Animals can also have another level to why they appeared in your dream, which would be associated with tales, myths, cultural relationships etc.  This is unique to you and your knowledge.

Don’t overthink the appearance of the animal, look at the entire dream and sense how they fit, either by their characteristics, behaviours, biological makeup or your relationship with the animals through beliefs.

Dreaming of alligators or crocodiles

Together they teach us to patrol our environment, maybe in general, by being more aware of the environment, or is it referring to a specific aspect, like the mind or spiritual body, the environment of yours that you should be patrolling, will most likely be highlighted in the dream scene stage and setting…

Dreaming of snakes.

To know the angle of why you dreamt of a snake, try going with the way it presented itself, acted or reacted and how you acted, reacted, or interacted with it. Did you interact with the snake or fear the snake? Is the snake a positive or negative symbol?…

Dreaming of spiders

Did you dream of a spider to symbolise the ‘web of consciousness’ or something along those lines, such as weaving your destiny, or the opposite don’t get entangled in the collective consciousness…