Dreaming of alligators and crocodiles

Did you assume you dreamt of crocodiles or an alligator, then go with that assumption, here are some differences between them if you want to clarify what you dreamt of.

Alligators prefer freshwater habitats and crocodiles prefer saltwater habitats.  Alligators are normally grey and black, and crocodiles are normally olive and tan.  Alligators have broad and U-shaped snouts and crocodiles have narrow V-shaped snouts.  Alligators are less aggressive, and crocodiles are more aggressive.

Together they teach us to patrol our environment, maybe in general, by being more aware of the environment, or is it referring to a specific aspect, like the mind or spiritual body, the environment of yours that you should be patrolling, will most likely be highlighted in the dream scene stage and setting.

So, if you noticed either of these reptiles patrolling the waters in your dream, ask yourself, ‘where in your life should you watch or guard?’  How could this help you today or in a current situation?

Their eyes are also located high upon the head for practical purposes when immersed in water, this teaches us that while being immersed in something, good or bad, you need to have awareness.

So, if you noticed their eyes in the water ask, ‘how does this relate to something currently in your life?’  Alternatively, did you feel the reptiles were watching you, maybe you need to use your senses or keep your eyes out.

Alligators and crocodiles can be camouflaged until they strike or ambush their prey, they are fast and quick to snap, does this reflect you or someone you know?  Have you or are you being personally attacked, and you dreamt of this reptile to symbolise a cold-blooded aggressive behaviour.  Maybe you saw many coming out of a body of water?  And is this alluding to some sort of attack? 

If you have feelings, thoughts or associations with the alligator or crocodile, this will most likely be what they are symbolising, if you have no associations, use the scene, stage and setting to use one of these angles.