Dream Elements

The 4 main dream themes; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
The perspective the dream was viewed or seen; from a character that was not you or a bird’s eye view etc.
Visuals; the landscape, characters, and objects appearing blurry or distorted, etc.
Colour visuals and settings; the landscape, character, and objects appearing light or dime, etc.
House and the different rooms.
In and around the house.
Why did you dream of that place?
Places – Retail Outlets.
Directions; east, north, west, and south, above and below, when you are moving, standing, or looking in a direction.
Actions; walking, eating, packing and stealing, etc.
The different types of paths.
Different types of bodies and anomalies.
The body parts; head, legs, organs, etc.
Clothing; why it was highlighted, the different types and ways they are worn.
Products; skincare, cleansers, etc.
Different meals; breakfast, snacks, etc.
You can dream of Christmas elements any time of the year, why did you dream of Christmas?

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