Dream Elements

Here are elements you may have dreamt of that do not fit into any of the categories I have created so far.

Explore nature, directions, visual effects, numbers, times, celebrations, meals, etc.

Dreaming about nature

What does a scenery or stage in nature symbolise.

Dreaming of plants

Plants can allude to the quality and condition of what the plants represent.

Plants can appear as a representation of their quality like a tree’s quality is our life force or a flower’s quality is its beauty and blossoming factor.

If a specific flower or herb appears it alludes to their properties.

For example, dreaming of aloe vera could allude to a healing factor with the rest of the dream elements showing more detail to the message.

When a plant appears representing their property, you could be shown a tool to use physically, mentally or emotionally, maybe the aloe vera is to soothe your digestion for a physical condition or your dreams suggesting to cool your emotions, the surrounding dream elements will highlight the message.

The different anatomy of the plants can also appear in your dream, such as the root of a plant alluding to the root of something or something hidden, most likely an ability.

The quality and condition of the plant will show you the quality and condition of what the plant represents. 

For example, if the flower is beautiful and lush then what the flower represents is beautiful and lush, or if it is wilted then what the flower represents is diminishing and dwindling.

Maybe you dream of a greenery scenery like a garden, all of the above still applies. Identify the type of greenery (garden, forest, etc.), any specific type of plants, the condition of the garden, and any other details (colours, etc.). The greenery scene will most likely add to the overall quality and condition of the scene, showing you if the matter the scene is about is positive or negative.

In summary, the plant could represent the plant’s properties, qualities, and condition of an aspect or matter.

Dreaming of a volcano

When you dream of a volcano, this could be a premonition of an actual event, maybe forewarning you if you live in the vicinity of one or you may be picking up on the collective consciousness and a future event somewhere in the world, alternatively, dreaming of a volcano alludes to the outlet or eruption of emotions.

Can I suggest taking into consideration the details of the volcano, the size, if it was dormant or active, etc, to give you all the detail you need to understand the entire volcano symbolism.

Let’s go through some ways volcanoes can be dreamt of.

Was it a hill or mountain, the size will indicate the volume of the situation that is being portrayed by the volcano.  Dreams can exaggerate, so use your objective perspective to observe the true extent of the situation that the dream is about.

If it was dormant, then the surrounding scene, thoughts and feelings will indicate the reason for this element being used.  So use the volcano symbolism of it being an outlet or eruption of emotions to understand if the volcano is in relation to some dormant emotions or a forewarning of something brewing.

If it was active or erupted, then this is showing you how the situation is currently playing out in your waking life or again a forewarning. 

A volcano being active or erupting is serious so heed the information of this dream, understand what about the situation is the volcano representing so you do not allow that to continue or happen in the first place.

Vents alludes to an outlet of emotions; this could refer to you currently venting, maybe advice to do so, or a possible outcome.

And last is Lava, this alludes to the release of emotions.  This does cause destruction in its path, so the actions of the lava will show you more detail.

So, the volcano alludes to your emotions.  If you have an association with volcanoes try using this as what it is representing, alternatively, if you had feelings during the dream about the volcano, such as anger, maybe you felt threatened, felt danger, or had a sensation of there being a disaster, take this feeling and use this in the message of your dream to symbolise the volcano know your dreams were bringing your attention to something going on that is not good or prevent a volatile situation from happening.

Dreaming of fire

Fire appears in dreams to symbolize your emotions. It means that your emotions are the governing pillar of the matter the dream is about.

Try using the words ‘destroy, damage or injure’, in your translation.

If the emotional intensity you have around or towards something is destructive, you can use where the fire was or what was on fire to identify how it relates to you in waking life. The dream could be present tense or future tense, both giving you the opportunity to make changes.

The phase of the fire and severity of the fire will help you understand where this situation is at or going.

I had a dream where my legs were burnt and I woke up to my legs feeling like they were on fire, have you experienced bleed-throughs from dreams into waking life, the beautiful bleed-through from dreams into waking life, as they are just one consciousness, this dream was warning me of a path I had gone down and just how much it was destroying my supportive (legs) path, and with this message, I made the change.

Your clothes were on fire alludes to your character and/or identity being destroyed.

A fire in the garage alludes to stored destructive emotions.

Forest fire alludes to your life force in danger.

Dreaming of a path; walkway, sidewalk, road, etc.

Dreaming of a direction; east, north, west, south, above, below, left and right, when you are moving, standing or looking in these directions

Dream visual effects

Visuals; the landscape, characters, and objects appearing blurry or distorted, etc.
Colour visuals; the landscape, character, and objects appearing light or dime, etc.

Dream visual effects can be in the setting or a part of a scene, person, animal, plant, object etc to show you your overall perception in regards to the matter or show you the state of something.

The visual effect will show you a good or bad aspect…

Dreaming of numbers, times and dates

Times and dates.

I learnt that numbers in my dreams reflect this physical realm, as if this physical realm is built on numbers or did we look for a mathematical construct and find one. Time and dates will show you a forecast for a specific date or period, an upcoming event, or show a message using these elements…

Dreaming of the body and body parts

Different types of bodies and anomalies.
The body parts; head, legs, organs, etc.

Dreaming about hair

Dreaming of hair alludes to your thoughts, the thoughts you express and the ones you do not.

Trimming hair alludes to tidying up some irregular or unwanted thoughts.

Cutting hair alludes to removing some extraneous thoughts.

Dying hair alludes to altering or changing some thoughts.

Hairdresser alludes to affecting the thoughts of others. Were you the hairdresser or somebody else?

Hair condition alludes to the state of thoughts. For example, if the hair was matted, this alludes to tangled and confused thoughts.

Hair products allude to the function of the product and then relate the function to thoughts.

For example, hair tie, what does a hair tie do? It holds and keeps the hair back. When I dream of hair ties and headbands the message is conveying that I am choosing not to think about something or I am holding my thoughts back.

Another example, hair pin, why would you use a hair pin? To keep specific parts of hair in place. When I dream of a hair pin the message is conveying a specific thought, or specific thoughts that need to be secured or restrained or is secured or restraining.

Shampoo (needing one, buying some or using it) alludes to cleansing your thoughts.  

Conditioner alludes to improving thoughts.

Dandruff alludes to irritating thoughts, needing to shed thoughts, or change the condition of thoughts.

Headlice alludes to parasitic thoughts or an infestation of negative thoughts.

Dreaming about colours, clothes and products

Clothing; why it was highlighted, the different types and ways they are worn.
Products; skincare, cleansers, etc.

Dreaming of different meals; breakfast, snacks, etc

Dreaming of celebrations and parties

Dreaming of a celebration.
Dreaming of Christmas.

Dreaming of a celebration and party is to remind you of something special, a time to be happy, and joyful, with the ‘act of celebrating’. Maybe a new beginning, an important date, maybe to be grateful more often, a spiritual blessing is ahead of you on your path, or maybe all that inner work you have done, you should be proud and celebrate your achievements and who you are…

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