Dream Elements

The 4 main dream themes; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
The perspective the dream was viewed or seen; from a character that was not you or a bird’s eye view etc.
Visuals; the landscape, characters, and objects appearing blurry or distorted, etc.
Colour visuals; the landscape, character, and objects appearing light or dime, etc.
Dreaming of plants.
House and the different rooms.
In and around the house.
Why did you dream of that place?
Places – Retail Outlets.
Dreaming of the past can help you understand a present situation.
Directions; east, north, west, and south, above and below, when you are moving, standing, or looking in a direction.
The different types of paths.
Different types of bodies and anomalies.
The body parts; head, legs, organs, etc.
Clothing; why it was highlighted, the different types and ways they are worn.
Products; skincare, cleansers, etc.
Different meals; breakfast, snacks, etc.
You can dream of Christmas elements any time of the year, why did you dream of Christmas?
Celebrations and parties are to highlight or remind you of something special.

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