Dreaming of numbers, times and dates

Dreaming of numbers

Numbers can present themselves in many different ways.

Maybe you dream of 2 or 3 of something, for example, 2 women, 2 sewing machines, 2 toilets, 3 products, 3 dead ends, etc.

I suggest, if numbers are common in your dreams like mine, have a list that you can add notes to, of how they appeared and what your translation was. Starting with 0-10 and adding when you dream of a higher number will give you your own database to identify a common trend of what each number symbolises for you.

When I decided, I was going to do a video and this page, I knew that your background; religion, beliefs, personal knowledge, experiences, etc, would contribute to the reason why you dream of numbers.

As numbers were commonly scattered throughout my dreams, I needed to know what they meant.  I dream of many different numbers in a variety of ways, and the numbers 2,3,4, and 5 are more prevalent, so I learned pretty quickly what these specific ones meant and then I was able to piece together the rest by studying my dreams.

I did a little research on numbers for this video as I was wondering how numbers are a part of the collective and I found that there are sometimes similarities between scriptures and collective numbering systems, other times conflict and then there are meanings that are random.

I do feel that whatever system you believe or know could give you insight as to why a number appeared in your dream.  As I am a blank slate with no prior religious background, I see numbers as a system we collectively created, and the numbers as a reflection of us.

When a number appears, it is not always defined by this numbering system I am sharing. For example, 4 can represent both my suggestion below or it can represent ‘celebration’, as it is my birthday. Other times they can throw a curve ball and not be the suggestions below or have a dual aspect of both the suggestions below and another meaning. For example, a friend of mine dreamt of 6 tomatoes, 5 all the same size and 1 larger – these translated to represent her siblings and her, and this was not learnt until a few days later after a waking life event.  Another example is 3 dead ends in a dream which could represent the number 3 or maybe you have 3 opportunities in waking life, that you think are or are going nowhere.

I am going to go over my personal translations for individual numbers from 0-10, which was self-learnt through studying my dreams, I learnt that numbers reflect this physical realm, as if this physical realm is built on numbers or did we look for a mathematical construct and find one.

The below suggestions only apply when the number is meant to be seen as a number.  When a number is connected with another element within the dream, the meaning of each element will give you information about what is being symbolised.

0 Starting point, unmanifested or nil, something unproductive

All proceeds from this, is it a starting point of something unmanifested, the beginning of something or is it representing nothing, nil, something unproductive.

1 Oneness and great spirit

Oneness and unity or universal divine essence and creator of all that is

2 Duality, opposites, balance, weakness, indecisiveness

Duality and opposites; female and male, yin and yang, etc.  Everything in life has an opposite, and to understand duality is to have balance, and with balance is wisdom.  Here is where two may show you where you need to find balance or be balanced in regard to a dual aspect, like an emotion or character quality.

Duality means the quality or condition of being dual and an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects of something. 

English Dictionary

If the number two shows up more than once throughout one dream, see if each appearance is connected, giving you more of an understanding of the duality that is being explored within the dream. 

For example, I dreamt of asking a lady two questions, then later someone gave me two nail polishes, then near the end of the dream I saw two homeless people – these were all related and showing me how I needed to improve on a an area of weakness around a situation.  So, if two appears in your dream, is it showing you a weakness in duality.

Another way two can be translated is to symbolize indecisiveness.  Is there something you are being indecisive about in waking life? 

Identify why two was dreamt of by seeing any angles and use the one that fits the rest of the message of the dream.

3 One essence

The three bodies, corporeal, soul and spirit.  When I mentioned to my partner why three appeared in my dreams, he responded that my understanding was like the trinity in the bible, the father, son and the holy spirit.  I see three as a message to bring forth all of me, my force, my inner self.

4 Physical plane

The physical plane, nature has a common thread of fours, four seasons, four elements, four directions, etc.  When four appears in my dream it is either about my physical body like a health related issue or it is about this physical plane, maybe answering a contemplation or question I have pondered on.

5 Man, change or midway

Man, you and I, five senses, five digits, the pentagon representing man upright, etc.  Five is also midway between 1-10, so it is a point where you can assess your progress and your direction, a point of temptation and change, freedom and discipline.

6 Wisdom

Man plus the 6th sense.  Three doubled, or the spirit added to the human number five.  A good strong number of vision and acceptance.

7 Whole self

Spiritual number, sacred and perfection.  A combination of three and four is the whole self and nature, reminding us to be open and trust.

8 Cause and effect 

Referring to a balanced mind and seeing the self reflect life.

9 Productive path

The strength of the three tripled, bringing things to an end and preparing for a new manifestation.  Symbolising a productive path, integrity and wisdom.

10 Completion and closure

How numbers can overlap and intermix with each other

For example, I dreamt of a guy entering 1111 on the keypad to get into a house, and this dream highlighted that I needed to be centred and connected with the divine essence, ones, and times four was related to being this way in this physical plane.

Another example, I dreamt of somebody’s name being repeated three times, it was the name of a person whom I associate with ‘going within and not outsourcing’. This dream highlighted that I needed to go within using 2 different elements that symbolise going within.

Another example, I dreamt of being at an airport with an ex-colleague, we were checking in to depart and were guided to go through a different area from everyone else, I knew it was Area 10, yet I didn’t know where it was. Later in the dream, my colleague chose three pairs of slip-on fashion shoes, that were flat-packed together. This dream highlighted to complete an aspect of my path I needed to walk the path of three.

Another example, I dreamt of looking at the shoe section in a thrift shop, there was a pair of black high heels that had touches of pink on them and they were in good condition, I loved them, and they were $2. This dream used $2 for two reasons, for the affordability symbolising that I have the means for this path (shoes) and that my thoughts that I do not are my weakness (two).

Everything within your dream has significance. Look at the numbers from different angles and take into consideration all calculations to have all the information that the dream is conveying.

For example, my Mum dreamt of a cliff collapsing and my dad being buried by the rubble, she saw 3 fingers and went over to check he was still alive.  To her, the 3 fingers were just a part of the dream to show where he was under the rubble and that he was still alive, yet the significance of three was a part of the message of the dream.

Dreaming of time and dates

Time and dates will show you a forecast for a specific date or period, an upcoming event, or show a message using these elements.

This could be presented as a clock, calendar, appointment book, rosters, timetables, specific holidays, seasons, day, night, specific meal of the day, going to work or leaving, tickets, etc.

Clocks can show you a specific month according to the hour of the clock or symbolise being early, on time, or late. The time could be broken down, by taking each individual number at face value or by adding the numbers together to create one number.

Calendars or appointment books can be specific dates and so can lotto ticket numbers.

For example, I dreamt of a person who appears in my dreams that represents family, they won the lotto and I saw the winning numbers. Of course, I bought a lotto ticket using those numbers and it wasn’t until after an event a few months later where I had a significant day with my best friends that I realised the numbers were the date of that day.

Specific holidays, seasons, day or night and a specific meal of the day could symbolise a stage or period.

Christmas alludes to a spiritual period

New Year alludes to a celebration

Your birthday alludes to a celebration unless you associate another feeling with your birthday.

Spring alludes to a new beginning and new growth

Summer alludes to a productive time and being fruitful

Sunrise alludes to a new beginning

Nighttime alludes to the later stages of an aspect

Lunch alludes to midway

General guidance

Premonitions can include numbers, times and dates.

For example, I dreamt of going to a place north of where I was staying in waking life, ordering a burger and the ticket number was 18. In waking life accepted the dream as guidance and made the trip north on the 18th which was a few days after the dream, the only eatery was a takeaway bar where I ordered a burger, and the events that unfolded after were a series of dreams guiding me along a 6 month journey of growth travelling in my campervan.

Forecast of an upcoming event

My dreams forecast 6 months out at certain pivotal points in my life where change is going to occur and without any foreknowledge of the information revealed in the dream, the events play out true to their timing revealed in the dreams.

The first time this happened.

I dreamt of finding out I had to move as the owner of the rental was selling and when I asked when, ‘January’ was the reply, and I thought of how that was 6 months away.  This dream was bang on, although the setting and characters were different from waking life, this move happened according to the house owner selling which was not discussed with me until January.

Guidance with an upcoming period

I dreamt of unpacking and tidying my stuff in our home and thought of how we had been here for 6 months, I then counted the months from the month it was in waking life, from February to June and realised that it was 5 months. The individual numbers 6 and 5 played their part in the message of the dream as wisdom will be earned with change. The rest of the dream suggested resting over these months before I will be busy. With a supporting partner, I rested, and mediated for hours most days, giving myself the space that I needed to seed this platform and then this platform was born in June, with no prior thought of doing such a thing.

Guidance with an area of your life

You could dream about your new project, job, business, situation, etc.

For example, I had been wondering about the future audience of this platform in waking life and I dreamt of being the new owner of a café where a woman customer was asking what time I opened in the morning, ‘6:30 am’, I responded, feeling so joyful she liked the place and was returning, with a slight hope she would be there at 6:30, she told me she would be here at 5 to 7. This dream highlighted that although I was ready, I needed to continue to prepare and present the platform (clearing and cleaning the tables and preparing the cafe for tomorrow), as the audience would arrive soon after I had started. The overlap with the specific time and the individual numbers also added more information to the message of the dream. This dream settled my questioning and allowed me to bring myself back to the beginning of why I am doing this, and to hold that value at all times.

Next time you see, think, hear or say a specific date, month or period, is it highlighting a true time in your future for you to do what you need to do between now and then or know of a future event?

Look at the numbers from different angles and take into consideration all calculations, what the individual number means and whether there are overlaps where a time or date could have 2 meanings.

For example, I dreamt of an alarm clock saying 6:53, upon translation, I saw this was minutes away from 7 and what 7 means to me fitted into the message of the dream, then I realised that 6:53 was 7 minutes to 7 and this then completed the message.

Another example, I dreamt of it being the end of a work day and saw that it was 20 past 5, and I finished at 5 p.m. This related to me getting carried away with work-related things in waking life and the individual numbers of two and five added to the message of the dream showing me a weakness and change was needed to find a balance between work and living.

Running the different calculations example:
You dreamt it was 12pm, is this highlighting you are midway with something, about your physical lunch meal, about what you are internally digesting such as information, or in reference to what the number 12 means to you?

Time can also be used to show you a message

Maybe you need to find time for something, have been wasting time on something, are running out of time for something or you need to have patience around something and you do have time, all of these scenarios can be shown in your dream by using time and dates.

For example, I dreamt of being late for something, I was going to work, and I had time to get ready, then I looked at the clock and I had less than 10 minutes to get there, I knew I was not going to make it. This related to something from my waking life where the message of the dream helped me to understand the situation better and make healthier decisions and changes for personal growth.

Take note of how the time presented itself as the style of the timepiece can give you more to the message.  Was it your watch or diary, or someone else’s, this could help you understand how time is affecting you, if it is someone else’s clock, are you feeling pressured externally by time and what does the person symbolise?

A clock on the wall alludes to it being prominent for you to see and be conscious of time in some way.

Grandfather clock alludes to something of importance, maybe something old, like your past, or it is a reminder to be wise with your time.

Sit with the time, date or numbers for a moment and allow for different calculations to be made and see what fits. Is the message showing you that you have a pivotal change in 6 months or how your perception of time is not helping you? When a time frame or date is highlighted, it could be a time to be grateful for the guidance!