Dreaming of spiders

Do you have an association with spiders, maybe you have pet spiders like my partner, or you scream when you see one, take what your initial thoughts are about spiders and see if that fits into the message of the dream.

The entire dreamscape and scene will highlight what they mean.

For example, my partner dreamt that he was carrying a large spider on his back and he was upset because it had died, now because of my partner’s love of spiders, where he believes them to be very spiritual creatures, the spiritual aspect was being conveyed, and bringing his attention to a spiritual aspect of his that had died.

My friend said she dreamt of a pet spider, now I did not need to ask her if she had an association with spiders because in the dream she knew it was her pet, so this is where we look at the surroundings to see why the spider was a pet.

The spider creates organised webs, this could be a way to symbolise the web of consciousness, which is exactly what my friend’s spider was conveying in her dream, it was showing her how she could help her friend consciously, as her friend was going through a bad patch, and my friend did not know how to help physically so the dream showed her exactly how to do it through the web of consciousness. 

So did you dream of a spider to symbolise the ‘web of consciousness’ or something along those lines, such as weaving your destiny, or the opposite don’t get entangled in the collective consciousness.

Spiders could symbolise a fear of yours because any of your waking life fears can be portrayed in a dream to symbolise fear.  Spiders could be warning you about something.

They could be representing someone in your life to be cautious of or maybe to represent to not get caught up in something.

If you dreamt of heaps of spiders, then it’s an infestation of something.

Allow the dream to show you if the spider comes from a good or bad angle and see what fits the message of your dream.