Dreaming of shopping

The type of shopping you were doing (browsing, just looking, searching, undecided, purchasing or returning) will be the stage you are at with the matter that the dream is about.

The type of shop or department of a shop might give you the topic. For example, a hardware store could be for a practical tool or are you currently in a hard situation. Maybe you dreamt you were looking at a gift shop, and it was full and inviting, could this be you looking for your purpose, a gift to share with the world.

The condition of the shop can show you the condition of the situation, for example, if it was full and inviting or junky and cluttered shows you a positive or negative aspect.

The items you remember, your thoughts about them, your interactions with them and their condition will add to the message of the dream. For example, the act of purchasing some batteries alludes to reserving your energy or you need extra energy for something.

The items could be a suggestion or a remedy to help you with the situation in waking life.

When you are looking or searching for something, if you do not find it, this will probably relate to a waking life situation where you can’t find something. For example, you can’t find your wallet, this alludes to not being able to find your identity.

Any other details, like the position of the item, whether it was at the main counter or at the back of a shelf, behind other things, provides more information about the message of the dream. For example, at the back behind other things on a shelf alludes to something that is hard to find or forgotten about.

Did you see a price tag, are you attaching the cost to something you want. How you felt about the price, maybe it was a bargain or you thought it was too expensive, the latter alludes to you something being more than its worth or you feel you are not in a position to attain something you want.

Maybe you asked for or received a receipt, this alludes to proof, do you need proof about something.

Use the retail outlet, the condition of the place and items, your interactions with others and your actions to know the topic, and the state and stage of the matter.