Dreaming of swimming

Dreaming of swimming in different bodies of water and how you are swimming can be associated with your spiritual pillar.

I dream of water when a spiritual aspect is being symbolized.  Why do you think you dream of water?

If you have associated water with something else, a common one, is emotions, then your dreams will most likely dream to your association.  If you were to scan your recent dreams, do you see that they are exploring all 4 of your bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual? 

The spiritual body is equally as important as the other 3 and your dreams will be exploring it, so what are the dream elements that symbolise spiritual aspects for you?

If you see a lack of dream elements symbolising the spiritual body, then you could try using the spiritual pillar when water is seen or interacted with and see if this is what your dreams are conveying. 

Man’s Nature; Earth – Physical, Fire – Emotions, Air – Mental and Water – Spiritual.

Therefore, if you dream of one of these elements from nature, it may help you understand what it is being conveyed by associating it with one of the 4 bodies, this is not the rule, it is a way to see how the 4 bodies are explored through your dreams and if the raw element of water appears, you could see if it is symbolising a spiritual aspect.

The specific body of water, the condition of the water, what action was played out and any other detail remembered will contribute to the message of the dream.

I am using the spiritual angle for the examples below, you can interchange the spiritual aspect with what you associate water with.

Inside pool alludes to an inner spiritual aspect.

Outside pool alludes to an external spiritual aspect.

Public swimming pool alludes to a collective spiritual aspect or a spiritual aspect that is common.

The size of the pool alludes to the extent of the matter.

Overcrowded alludes to an undesirable condition.

Synchronised swimmers allude to something that many do at the same time, the same way, mimicking

Pond alludes to a small natural spiritual aspect

Lake alludes to large spiritual aspect.

Beach alludes to a transitional phase.

Ocean alludes to spiritual depth and search.

The depth of the water indicates the insight, profoundness and perception, and the condition of the water shows the state of the matter.

Pier alludes to a supported platform.

Wharf alludes to a position along your spiritual path to come and go or load or offload.

Harbour alludes to finding protection and shelter.

Diving into water alludes to plunging and exploring in an aspect you are ready for.

Swimming alludes to movement along your spiritual path.

Swimming underwater alludes to submersing in a spiritual aspect, the direction and depth will add to the message.

The way you were swimming, your confidence, and where you were swimming from and too will add to the message of the dream.

Floating alludes to buoyancy, drifting or not settled.

Sinking alludes to descending or being engulfed.

So next time dream of water, try using the spiritual angle and see if it fits.  Your spiritual pillar; spiritual thoughts, concepts, beliefs, study, etc, will appear in your dreams as much as the time you devote to them. 

Your soul is present always and the soul’s communication through dreams about your spiritual self, and spiritual path could be your answer to living your spiritual truths.