Dreaming of Different Actions

Actions can represent movement along a path or a manner about a situation. 

Ascending: Suggests an upward movement, an incline, advancement, a higher level, progress, etc.

Descending: Suggests a downward movement, a decline, a setback, a lower level, regress, etc.

The object that was ascended or descended on (stairs, elevator, ladder) or in (water, vehicle) will add to the message.

Walking and jogging: Suggests progression, pace or movement along a path or a situation

Running: Suggests fast-paced, active, escaping or catching up.

Running from something would suggest just that, ‘running from something’.

Stumble or trip: Alludes to a temporary setback, loss of balance, unsteady, misstep, miscalculation, a temporary lapse, or an error on the path.

If you recall what was tripped over, then this will give you more information.

Being chased: Use the pursuer, stage and any other detail you recall, and see what it is that you don’t want to accept, what you can’t handle right now, what are you not ready for, or if there is an expectation required of you that you do not like…

Following after someone: Suggests a lack of direction or thought.

Leading: Suggests the ability to lead, knowing the way, guiding, and leadership. Recall who was following.

Bypassing: Suggests going around, avoiding, circumventing or surpassing something. Recall what was bypassed.

Avoiding something or someone: Suggests there are measures being taken to prevent something, that something will be what was being avoided. For example, a person could be representing a responsibility, look at what the ‘thing’ is symbolising.

Hiding from something: Suggests there is an attempt to not be seen for a reason, recall what you were hiding from and where you were hiding to know the reason.

Repairing or fixing: Suggests adjusting, improving or correcting something. Recall what what being repaired or fixed for detail on that ‘something’.

Collecting or gathering: Suggests seeking and obtaining something, recall the object that was being gathered for detail on what that ‘something’ is.

Fidgeting: Suggests nervousness, apprehension, impatience, anxiety, and uneasiness.

Learning: Suggests the process or act of acquiring knowledge or a skill. Recall what was being learnt and where you were for more information.

Practising: Suggests a need to gain more experience.

Knocking: Suggest you require something or the dream itself wants your attention to the message of the dream. For example, hearing knocking on the toilet door alludes to Attention! Elimination required!

Stealing: Suggests something is wrong, you are doing something without permission and it’s not right; impatience, no personal effort, an expectation, wanting what you don’t have.

Packing to move: Moving alludes to preparation or a forthcoming move that is either physical or in regards to a situation. Putting stuff in storage alludes to something not currently needed. Recall the stage and what you were packing for more information.

Unpacking: Suggests unburdening, unloading, self-analysing, settling, something is needed. Recall the stage and what you were unpacking for more information.

Reorganising: Suggest adjusting, reorientating or organising yourself or a situation. Recall the stage and what was being reorganised for more information.

Tidying: Suggests an orderly clean-up is needed to make things satisfactory.

Cleaning: Suggests the need to remove a negative aspect or improve something. Recall the stage and what you were cleaning for more information.

Washing: Suggests the need to clean and/or organise something. Recall what you were washing for more information. For example, washing your hair alludes to cleaning your thoughts.

Cooking and baking: The stage of the action, what was being cooked or baked, the way it was being done and the condition of the food is needed to be considered. It could be about your physical dietary intake or about something else, such as ideas, plans, projects, situations etc. Did you dream of baking something in the oven alluding to bringing something to fruition or maybe you burnt something alluding to a failure.

Eating: Alludes to the consumption or absorption of something in your life; perception, ideas, information etc. Recall the stage, what was being eaten and how. For example, dreaming of nibbling on something to try it alludes to taking in new information and trying it with discretion.

Cutting something: Alludes to dividing, separating, or severing something. Recall what was cut, how it was cut and any other details for more information.

Ripping something: Alludes to tearing something apart or away, or something is torn. Recall what was ripped, how it was ripped and any other details for more information.

Hit or fight: Alludes to an unrestrained aspect, aggression, conflict, struggles, loss of temper, and inability to settle differences.

Hugging: Alludes to affection, being embraced, a cherished moment, to hold or keep something close. Recall the other person or animal for more information on if they are representing something about you or your life or if the person was a social figure then their position in society may be what is being represented. For example, to be hugged by your mum could be to symbolise a nurturing aspect that you needed to be reminded that you are loved.

Cuddling/snuggling: Alludes to affection, being embraced, companionship and love. Recall the other person, your feelings and dialogue during the action and any other details for more information.

Kissing: Alludes to affection, love, intention, and to express a positive aspect. Recall the other person, your feelings around the kiss and any other details for more information.

Shopping, browsing, just looking, searching, undecided, purchasing or returning something: Use the retail outlet, the condition of the place and items, your interactions with others and your actions to know the topic, and the state and stage of the matter…