Dreaming of being chased

This can be understood by the character or animal who was chasing you, the landscape or place that was the stage for the chase, and any other detail that you recall.

The character or animal chasing you could be symbolising a trait or behaviour of yourself, or if the person was a figure in society, how does their description of their position fit the message of the dream.

The stage and setting may give you an idea of the topic. For example, running through a mall could be running from your options or what you could be selling to people.

Subjectively view the scene entire scene to understand a perception, thought, or feeling that you have about a relationship with yourself, another, or a situation.

You could be running from something good or bad, a strength or weakness. For example, a great idea or project can be something you think you are not ready for and dream of running away from it.

Use the pursuer, stage and any other detail you recall, and see what it is that you don’t want to accept, what you can’t handle right now, what are you not ready for, or if there is an expectation required of you that you do not like.