I am in a stage of development where I no longer outsource, I am using all that I have learnt and experienced and am applying it.  I learnt a long time ago, that when I wanted change, I would set it in motion through action and this resulted in the change.  I do not forecast all the steps to get to what I want; I just see the outcome and take the first step and allow the path to unfold along the way.  When I look around at a later date, often years, I see that all I had wanted is before and around me, sometimes on a smaller scale, or what may seem a distorted version, still, my gratitude is immense.

So, along the journey, I see the crystals and cherish them amongst the pebbles upon the path I walk.  As the years go on, my mind has settled and although I contemplate this illusion, my reality, and what’s it all for, the mystery of being is the grandest of subjects, the answers are normally a simple one word. 

Sometimes clarifying a question that I have takes a few moments, sometimes I don’t ask questions, I hold space for something, and this night, it was simple, “soul, I am listening”.  I repeated it a few times under the star filled night sky before going to bed.

I awoke early hours of the morning to ‘are you listening yet’, this voice was at the end of the dream, yet I awoke as it was being said and was awake as it ended.  The fascinating bleed through from dreams into consciousness, as they are both one.

The dream was crystal clear, and the message was also.  The soul is me, I am the soul, although I may only know of what this physical self has learnt in this lifetime, it is littered with my soul’s interactions.  I already knew that the soul was a layer of me, so why would it confirm this through the dreamlike communication?  To deepen the senses, the feeling, the knowing because this is what has happened since.

So often we are searching outside of ourselves, I have done this, and although things may be found, they are not permanent, what is true and always is, is the self, the true self, the soul.  It is consistent, it is reliable, it is trustworthy, and it is real.

What the dream explored was the three bodies and the duality of the three bodies senses.  To master the balance of the three bodies, 33.  My partner mentioned something in a conversation about duality where I was struck with the ah ha moment.  Duality of the senses, whereby you see, hear, smell, taste and feel all good things and this is flipped that others see, hear, smell, taste and feel all good things about you as a person.  Since this conversation, I have focused on doing this.  I say why I am grateful for the good things I sense, or I will notice the good things in the moment through my senses.  If I can perceive beauty, hear loving words, smell the aromas, taste the delights, and feel-good sensations, then I am enhancing my senses for the better.

I have contemplated on where the higher self is and may have written of this in a previous blog, the soul, it is right here.  It is what may be termed, my consciousness, and the veil is covering my consciousness from my soul.  The veil is thinned sometimes and also thin in particular things, is this because I previously made enough headway or left enough breadcrumbs in my soul’s consciousness to expose me to things, or experience things in this life?

What are your thoughts on the three bodies?  Where do you think your soul is?

I have no doubt that this true self and loving intelligence is constantly guiding, helping, and warning me.  It does it through nature, interactions, dreams, and experiences.  Its subjective communication allows me to interpret each as I desire, free will, the more I interact, acknowledge, am grateful and act on the hints and prods, the more it is reciprocated.

I am listening, bring forth my soul’s consciousness.