Knowledge of Dreams

Studying my dreams has been a journey, a journey of learning and mastering.  I learn the different layers of myself, sometimes confronting and other times reassuring.  The layers connect with every aspect of life to make up who I am in the present, with the depth of the messages, I consciously make changes, the hardest and easiest part of evolving who I am. 

Amongst the knowledge of my dreams, there is direction, suggestions, guidance, and help, all are useful and constructive.

This information and knowledge, I have not found another way to be learnt or practiced.  Questions I ask are answered, and what is communicated is simpler than all the information streaming through our airways.  I sense dreams are who we truly are, just like when I meditate and reach the all-and-everything plane of consciousness, where all is that is not in form yet.  We are just consciousness experiencing this beautiful illusion, however polarised it may present itself sometimes, it is only we who are experiencing the polarization.  The world is just a reflection of us. 

Dreams are just another plane of imagination, one which I learn from.  It’s an ancient whisper from my soul, helping me while I am remembering how all once was made in perfection until perfection was not enough for man.  Cause and effect came into play and duality was sharply contrasted.

Currently, I am learning a specific aspect of duality with relationships.  This was introduced by having 2 consecutive dreams about my soul’s progression around cycles of wholeness in duality.  Those dreams were followed by a dream sharing the finer detail; exposing the layers, identifying the oppositions and problem.  Yes, I was already aware of such matters, yet I work alongside my dreams, so the fact that I have entered this particular phase to work on this unique aspect, means its time, I am ready, and the dream guidance is needed when it comes to using a fine-tooth comb to change a chapter.

The next dream was to comfort me about the journey ahead, and that dream was reassuring, it reminded me of my spiritual beliefs and practices, and that when I walk this path and live them, that is the purity of truth.  It eased my mind with the symbolism of doing this at my own pace, and showed me an action to perform when anything arises along this path to help me in times of need that this is just an illusion.

The following dream was met with silence, my normal happy morning self was in the thought of the confronting waking life playback of the relationships from my past.  The scene was like a high school mean girls movie in which it took a few hours for me to see the individual elements and acts that were showing me what I need to let go of.

Making changes is not easy, it is easier to read a book or listen to a podcast.   I think the self-help section at the bookstore, or the psychologists would go out of business if we did dream work instead.  Just because I have entered a new phase around a specific aspect, does not take away everything else going on with life, and this is where my dreams shine a light on anything that will help me and when needed I will put my fingers on my temples and say, ‘this is just an illusion’.


2 responses to “Knowledge of Dreams”

  1. Dear Dream Fairy

    Loved reading this….wow… so much resonates, and dense. And a few paragraphs are filled with words of wisdom of dreams, and their undeniable potential, a sacred place which visit’s us instead. All we need to do is pay devotional attention to our dreams 💥🤓 thanks so much.
    Loved many parts, like,
    “Amongst the knowledge of my dreams, there is direction, suggestions, guidance, and help, all are useful and constructive.”
    Like a Soul GPS.
    Through your individual perspective reflects the connection to collective consciousness too, as it is having a mirroring images for many of us.
    Wishes 🍀🙏

    1. Thank you for your comment and feedback Rey, it made me smile. Here’s to dreams filled with knowledge.
      In Lak’ech.