mother nature

Man’s Nature

As we stroll along the beach, the waves are inconsistent, and a disharmonious sound overlaps them.  Pausing to be still with our environment the wind was echoing as if we were standing in a tunnel.  Concentrating on love the disharmony stopped, the breeze flowed, and the waves formed in unison.

Had David and I been out of harmony?  Is nature not a reflection of ourselves?  Or was this the energy of the beach and all those who come and go?

Feet on the earth to connect and ground with the physical plane.  Burn sage to balance the emotions.  Meditate and breathe to clear the mind and have clarity.  And immerse in the water for a spiritual cleanse.  However I connect with nature, the elements connect with me. 

Man’s nature can be divided into 4: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – this correlates with the 4 seasons and 4 directions of this physical plane.  This is one facet of man’s design that I use to develop and progress.  One way to shine light on the relationship between myself and nature is to interact with her.  She is all I need, if only I connect, remember, and trust.

Her elements are scattered throughout my dreamscape.  This is how I deepened my connection.  Studying my dreams, exposed and confirmed the correlation between my nature and mother nature.  My dreams explore different situations in my life and the governing nature that influences them.  As I learn my true self through the unbiased perception of my subconscious, I am learning the art of balance.

Just as I need help, balance and cleansing so does our nurturing mother.

My partner and I had a calling to our local mountains, it had something to do with the water.  As we walked alongside the winding river, we waited for nature to show us where we could be of assistance.  A morepork glided past us down the bank and we knew it was time to stop.  We peered down the cliff and saw where the current of the river was gathering in a bend, the water was discoloured and frothy.  Not knowing what to do, allowing our united hands to give us the strength we connected with the area, and remained there until we both felt completed.  

Continuing our walk, a large solo toadstool at eye level growing out of the bank greeted us with its bright redness and white dots.  Down on the path were pools of water, with an oily surface.  Doing our thing again we were so thankful that nature asked us.

We decided to walk a little further, then turn around to head back for lunch.  We approach a sign that points to a waterfall, which neither of us had seen before on any of our numerous walks.  We thank the spider that ran across the sign to show us our last stop.

The magnificent cove that stretched several metres high had one thin stream of water falling into the water hole, the sun touched the tops of the rocks and trees, yet even at the height of the day, the sun only found a few breaks in the canopy protecting this place.  It was cold standing in the shade, and the scenery reflected the icy temperature, with broken trunks scattered everywhere.  Have we forgotten the water is a living being, have we neglected her with our absence and our disregard for her health?  What is leeching from the ground or entering the water for it to be like this?

Our love was amplified off the walls and trickled down the stream that leads to the main river.  One of many outlets to the large river that travels this gorge.  If nature reflects us, then we have some inner work to do, each and every one of us. 

I sometimes wonder if I could go to the local marae and see if there is another who communicates with the land.  Her heart beats, she is strong, and she has shown me the magic of the fairy tales from my childhood. 

My dear friend Morepork has heard a few of our stories like the ones above and he mentioned how someone was asking him why the white people of this land are doing work with mother nature, and he responded with that she is always calling the natives, yet when we do not listen, others do.

One day when it does not matter who listens because we are all listening then mother nature will be the best version of herself as we too will be, as we reflect each other.