out of body experiences

Out of Body in the Garden of Eden

The first out of body experience that I remember was when I was 21.  I became aware that I was above my body which was sleeping, and that I was near the ceiling.  My attention was now on a beautiful green meadow and a large tree.  To the right of that tree, sitting on the ground was a woman wearing a white dress.  There was an illuminated glow around her body.  Animals were sitting or lying down around her.  I felt this place was perfect and in harmony, the colours, the glow, the landscape, and the woman, were all at peace.

I had never heard of out of body experiences.  I never searched for what I had experienced because I didn’t have a name for it.  Then as they reoccurred over the years, I found out there were different types and ways they happen.  Some are hard to distinguish if they are an out of body experience or dream state.  Some are questionable as to the energy behind them and I choose to focus my attention on the good ones.

This focus on the good ones is not to stick my head in the sand that the bumps in the night do not happen, it is because I do not have explanations as to why these happen.  I believe where I direct my thoughts, words, actions, and energy, influences and intertwines with my world.  I choose to clear, protect and be thankful for being shown what I do not align with. 

I do question if I am out of my body and not aware of it, am I experiencing that, sleeping, and dreaming all at the same time?  Do we have a few different bodies or different layers of existence?

I see that I have a holographic body that floats a foot to about a ceiling width away from my physical body, and different experiences can happen in this situation.  I see that I have another holographic type of body that ventures out and walks, fly’s, and jumps around in all different landscapes, including this waking life reality.  I tend to have out of body experiences in this world, so the surrounding landscape and elements are as I see them in waking life.  I also see I have an electrically charged golden pearlescent body that feels like a power source, a pure light being, that can experience far distances and anything and everything that I create. 

Are these different bodies or are they one thing perceived differently?

I have tried to get my partner’s attention a few times when being out of my body hoping he would see some movement or have a feeling that something was in front of him.  Having some type of confirmation does help in understanding what it is I am experiencing. 

This light body was fascinating to experience from beginning to end.  I was able to feel the sensation of when an out of body experience begins during a meditation, and from there I was able to be present through the entire separation process.  I felt it as if it happened in slow motion.  It felt like heavy pelting rain, electrical heavy pelting rain.  I chose to sit up and this sensation was felt on my back as this light body separated from my physical.  I orientated myself in this body by understanding my senses and abilities, then decided to venture out and went to see my mother who was at home by herself.  My parents live up on the hill from me, so this felt like a good place to go, somewhere safe. 

This visit to my mum meant I was able to check if what I sensed was happening in this physical reality.  Discussing the nature of why and how is regular in our household.  What is influenced, infiltrated, created, or naturally occurred?  I suspect, all of the above.  Being able to confirm where mum was at the time and what she was talking to herself about (I feel some may have been internal thoughts, which I did not quite comprehend when I spoke to her at the time), allowed me to have confirmation. Confirmation has a unique feeling.

I question all my experiences because they throw in some anomalies that are not always consistent to understand.  Yet I don’t tend to dwell on them for long.  I have learned to go within in the various ways I like to do and in time I learn what it is that happened, sometimes instantly, others, months later.  I remember joining a group of open-minded individuals and asking, “why do I experience all these things”, their answer was, “go within and ask”.  Although at the time it was not helpful, I see the various reasons now as to why it was the answer.  I had to learn how to go within and the multiple ways this can be explored and with time, this has become the only true source.

It is with great love to also mention I have an amazing open-minded partner who has been a tremendous support element on my journey that has allowed my path to fast-track itself in giant leaps.  

I walked a path that did not open the discussion of these experiences until about 10 years ago.  Although these conversations have been few and far in between, I have this inner feeling that there are many out there like myself who have and do experience all these weird and wonderful things.  And just because I have not talked about these things much because not many along my path have talked about these things, I decided to change that, and along came different elements and as you are reading, now this. 

Since my environment is blossoming spiritually, I feel supported and encouraged to be a lucid dreamer in waking life.  My morning warm drink barefoot in the garden has been elevated.  I am learning connection.  I am learning presence.  Bringing presence in throughout the day brings lucidity.  The ripple effect shows me what I created.  Which phenomena’s do I create for whatever reason?

Being present in any experience allows for the sensations to be absorbed.  This is an interesting concept to practice.  It allows me to observe and question.

Have you ever been out of your body and wondered why the scene changed? The dynamics of the experience suddenly altered.  For example, sometimes I can be experiencing a movement, like moving forward in flight mode, then instantaneously be where I was going.  It brings up the difference between out of body experiences, astral projections, dreams, visions, etc.  So many different types and overlays.

Lucid dreaming and out-of-body can overlap in so many ways and sensations.  They can both feel so real.  Sometimes I sense I am not in my body and sometimes I sense that I am dreaming, yet when neither of those senses happens during the experience, I find myself later questioning which one it was.  I like to allow experiences to happen naturally, and this has been the majority of how mine have occurred.  Embracing them as they happen.

If they were all like the first one that I remember, maybe I wouldn’t have so many questions.  Yes, I have questioned the nature of this reality.  I still do, yet I have simplified my questioning because I have removed the multiple sources that I use to consume.  My path encountered some twists and turns, and what I thought to be true or believed was challenged.  Returning to learning organically and putting what I learn into practice, has allowed me to see that all I was repeating was what had already been said, written, or channeled. 

Now all I want to know is what you think, what you have experienced, and what conclusion you have come to through your inner source and truth, not what someone else has said or a book you have read.  Have you experienced being out of your body?  If so, why do we experience them and what other thoughts do you have about them?