Rainbows and Good Fortune or a Kick up the Arse

I pulled my tarot cards off the shelf and gave them a quick shuffle with the intent of guidance to a current situation.  One by one I corresponded the meaning of the cards to the placement of the cards and resonated with each turn.

I haven’t done a reading in years, I have not felt the need too.  I recall doing readings when I needed a little reassurance and although I knew in my heart what the message was going to be, I still did them anyway.  The readings were always decorated with rainbows and good fortune, so as time went on, I just figured it was always going to read that, I just needed to live it.

I think that it doesn’t matter which cards you have, you could create your own if you wanted to, it’s your connection and belief to them that makes it work.  The fact that I needed to look outside of myself for some reassurance and confirmation on what I already perceive about the situation, reminds me why they have been collecting dust. 

I am in connection with myself!  I blindly selected cards that identically matched the situation I was asking about correlating to the exact question the placement of the card was answering.  Sometimes we need that reminder of how we are the creators of our world and using some cards to give me a kick up the arse by showing me I already know the situation in its entirety cause I caused it and continue to be in it, is the pleasant reminder of the beauty in the cards.