The Bumble Bee Path

How nature interacts with me, has helped me learn this illusion.  My understanding is this is an old way of living, and although I use to see it now and again through synchronicities, it is now a part of my life.

It use to be a ride on a train, where I would question where I am going next on my travels and I would see a billboard that led me to another part of the country, or listening to the radio in the car with friends on a day trip and as the songs lyric would mention a lighthouse, I would see a lighthouse, whereby I would say thank you, for I am in the right place at the right time.  Now nature is interacting with me.

After 2 weeks of rain, the sun greeted us.  My partner and I couldn’t make up our minds if to go down to the beach for a walk or not, as the mountain range on the horizon was covered in blue-black clouds and the direction of the wind towards us.  Such dilemmas when you do not have a driveway and have 2 gates to open and close on the way through a paddock full of sheep poo.

After getting ready to go, I put our things in the car and the clouds rolling over head lightened up.  As I walked back to the cabin, I heard the bumble bee I had passed I few moments ago and looked to see if she was ok.  It was on the edge of a spider’s web, with no spider in sight, I removed the web from around her legs and she flew off to drink some water from the blades of grass before flying off.  I acknowledged the message and agreed that I shall not get stuck on my path by being one track minded and to spiritually nourish myself.

I have learnt to embrace the entire scenario as the communication, before, during and after, how and why did this happen, all told in a sequence. What I was just thinking, saying, or doing, all happening at a unique time of the message from nature.  I use how I translate my dreams and apply it to waking life scenes where synchronicities and nature interweave.  I can understand how some cultures believe we are living in a dream within a dream, as the magic of this illusion is divinely designed to help us when we dance the rhythm.

It is sometimes as if nature is communicating with me like a guide, little things scattered throughout the day, to help me in the moment or a sign that my contemplation is correct.  They are not limited to helping a bumble bee or layering the compost and soil on top rather than digging over the garden and disrupting and hurting the worms, it can also be an elaborate performance.  Like a simulated game, a divine game, giving me clues, showing me what this lesson/level is about, forewarning me of the path ahead. 

One which was very canny to a dream like scene was when I was driving to an interview and I approached a one-way bridge at the same time as another car, they had right of way and as they passed me, I saw another car come over the hill, a football field away, I drove over the bridge and the approaching car was now at the bridge, parked far in with just enough room for me to pass by as he is yelling at me that he had right of way. 

I wondered what that encounter was about and cleared my head to focus on the interview.  Then as I reach my destination, with no one behind me, I let a parked car reverse out and I pulled in a few car parks down and the now car behind me revved its engine, as I got out of their way and they sped off.  Once again, I thought of what that could mean and knew that 2 with one after the other, was probably an omen about the job I was going for.

After the interview, I went to the local park that has a large lake and sat there for a moment to think of the 2 encounters on my travels to the interview.  I try to see the best and concluded that if this was a sign to show me of the troubles with the role, I would acknowledge them without reacting in a negative way.  In the tree beside me, a Tui began vibrating her song of wisdom, and I knew that was the end of that message.  Wisdom will be gained.

Upon talking with David about it, he concluded what I was not ready to hear, days later, a few unsuccessful jobs, I was ready to hear what he had to say.  I thanked nature for the message because wisdom did come from what I learnt.  Each encounter was why I did not get 2 jobs I had interviews for that week, and the tui was the wisdom I would learn from the aftermath of not flowing with the current.    

The detail of the messages is complete and specific, and although I have not delved into them, I write to share with you, the beauty of nature, this realm, and the divine game we call life and home.  I am remembering the beautiful design of this illusion, which other cultures still practice today, that comes from honouring the great father spirit and earth mother.  Ask, see, be grateful, and connect.