The Butterfly Effect

My friend was inspired to write a story after I shared one of my articles with him.  In his story, he mentions how his childhood spiritual experiences started reappearing later in life, by someone mentioning something, or something happening that triggered the memory of the experience.  He then goes on to say how his childhood experiences would make sense and he understood why it happened, coming full circle. 

I feel this is the best advice I would share with another who is asked ‘Why me, why do I experience these things?’ – which is exactly what I use to ask, and so did he.  If you don’t understand why or what the experience is at the time, it will unfold over time, hours, days, months or years.  Time allows for you to remember, for life to be so, that when the message or understanding of an experience or multiple is known, you have gone through and learnt what you needed to gather.

This knowing of all having a reason, brings me peace.  I can ponder, contemplate, meditate, ask my dreams or discuss with another anything that I experience, yet maybe other stuff needs to be understood, known or experienced before a light is shone on that particular matter. 

When a circle is completed, wisdom has been earned.

A few months ago, my partner suggested I go through my journals where I wrote all my dreams and spiritual experiences in.  They have been sitting since in a box in my space of creativity aka the office. 

I had a week lacking the desire to do anything for my website and instead put my creativity elsewhere.  This sparked a moment of thinking about those journals and wondering how could I approach the thousands of pages.  

I grabbed the first journal, dated 2010, first entry, a dream.  I read the dream and then re-read it.  I understood without doing the elaborate translations I do today with current dreams what the dream was about, yet at the end, the last sentence did not flow from the previous, it had nothing to do with the rest of the dream…

“I opened this book to write this down and in the back was work or study notes which were relatively in-depth and important.”

So, I went to the back of the journal and there was a page of equations I had done for my numerology numbers sometime during 2010.  This reminded me I had not looked at where I was at with my 9-year cycle the year before.  I have been making notes of my personal year around the time of my birthday since 2018 and last year I didn’t for whatever reason.  As it only takes a few minutes, I grabbed my Numerology book and turned to last year’s personal year.

Number 3, the seed breaks through the soil into the sunlight.

This resonated.  It reminded me of a dream I had last year, where the message was to use the current period to rest.  My dreams guided me through the phase, and I focused on all the different aspects of myself and my life.  It was the cocoon I needed to transform.  The butterfly is now helping others along their dream journey.

Having the moment to allow life to flow, bought me full circle.  That first recorded dream led me to see my numbers and reminded me of blissful reasons and divine timing.  I am where I am, in the right place, at the right time, doing exactly what I am meant to be doing.  The reason I started recording these dreams years ago, the reason I continued to scribble them down and slowly understand them in my unique way, was to self-learn, the best kind of learning, learning from the best teacher, myself.

I am here, my journey, I listened, and I am grateful!  These journals are in-depth and important notes that will add to how I can help others. Synchronisation unfolded for me to see the butterfly’s transformation on my dream journey. 

My eyes scanned the pages of my numerology notes to the beginning, my Life Path.

28/10; Are here to work through issues combining material success and creative energy, applying their creative energy and intuitive gifts in service of others, guiding with authority and compassion.