dream within a dream

The Gravestone Carving

My partner had been thinking about a bone carving necklace that he had purchased naively from a friend for a box of beers in his youth.  He had admired the necklace around his friend’s neck and knew that there was a price on it, for it had not been carved for him, he had taken it from a gravestone.  Once it was in my partner’s possession, his friend passed, and he lost the necklace.

We were staying with my dear friend who has knowledge and wisdom of this land.  My partner had an opportunity arise to speak with him in private about this experience from his youth, that had been recently troubling him.  Carvings on bone and greenstone can be crafted specifically for individuals, where the piece is instilled with the creator’s reason for making it, either about the person and their life, the tale of their family’s land, a myth or legend, etc.  For this reason, although my partner no longer possessed the carving, it was suggested to return it to the owner.

“You lost it because it was never yours in the first place, you were not meant to have it.”

On our way home we had set in motion to visit the cemetery and for him to apologise, return the necklace and say a karakia my friend had given him.

We arrived at where the GPS had guided us and he could not sense it was the cemetery, so we carried on 5km up the road to another.  He asked if I would see if it was the right place.  I got out of the car, walked to a clear opening, and knelt down placing my right hand on the grass, ‘right land, wrong place.’  As I stood up, a hawk zig-zagged over the cemetery, my eyes followed the hawk back down the road we had ascended.  David met me at the entrance with a bottle of water so I could wash my hands and throw some over my head, so the energy of all who have passed do not follow me, nothing worse than having a hitchhiker.  Walking back to the car, we were back off down to the original destination.

Upon arrival, there was another car in the parking lot.  My partner asked me once again to see if this was the right place.  I walked past the woman who was feeding the birds and walked into a clearing.  Down below me was a man by the edge of the bush, moving from one grave to the next.  Kneeling, right hand on the grass, a very large YES was sensed.  David was standing behind me, ready. 

As I walked back past the lady, I asked what birds were enjoying her bread.

“Whoever decides to come out of the bush, I thought I could feed the birds while my partner who is a stonemason is looking at some of his old work.”

I shared our water bottle with her to cleanse her hands and sat in the car with the windows up as my friend suggested. 

As we drove away, David felt heaviness lifted and we both smiled.

Nature is perfect, all is nature, you, me, the birds, and the bees.  As we choose balance and harmony with ourselves, each other, and nature, we will see that all of creation is all that is needed, all is abundant because all was created in perfection (not sure about mosquitoes, I am not sure how they fit in with the ecosystem).  So, as I have been practicing being a lucid dreamer in waking life, I see nature’s signs and my interactions with others like a dream.  All connected.  And I am the controller of my waking life.

When I am not sure about something, I am learning to look at my surroundings for answers.  If I were in a game, the landscape and animals are created for my character and each non-player character who I interact with is to learn and progress along my journey.

Have you ever asked for a sign? Have you ever gained something from an interaction with another?