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There is information on the different types of dreams, the 3 layers of consciousness relating to the 3 layers of dreams, reoccurring dreams, dreamscapes that reoccur, bad dreams and nightmares and dreams that have messages and warnings.

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Dreaming about your physical health

Dreams can help you understand your physical health by showing you what the problem is, the cause, and suggestions on how to rectify it.

Just as your dreams explore your spiritual, mental, and emotional pillars, they also explore the physical pillar.

From overindulging to a reoccurring issue, you can dream of it, and if you want to know about something, just ask.

Because of the multiple layers that contribute to our physical health, can I suggest keeping an open mind to not only foodstuff and external influences but also stressors, emotions, and thought patterns.

Let’s go over two examples, overindulgence and physical health conditions.

Overindulgence dreams may use exaggeration, the overplay is a great way to understand what is being conveyed.

For example, I have a sensitivity to too much dairy, one night I dreamt of serving a soft serve into a 4ft ice cream cone.

In the book titled ‘Dreams’ by Percy G Stiles printed in 1927, he writes:

“There had been immoderate indulgence in buttered popcorn. In the dream, the various rooms of the house were found disfigured by deposits of grease.  A striking detail remembered was an electric light which with its shade was completely enveloped in a mass of what appeared to be lard.”

Any dreams that have foodstuff or in some way could relate to food like grease, are worth paying attention to.

In regards to physical health conditions, these are insightful, giving you a 360-degree view of the matter.

A few years back, I had a period of waking up stiff and sore, and a dream about a bedside table dancing rigidly and then becoming loose and flexible was translated for me to understand that I needed to do stretches in the morning and within a few days of doing these the rigidness subsided.

Mr Stiles in the book ‘Dreams’ also wrote of a dream about a dull stomach ache,

“An oddly inflated cat was seen by the dreamer, at first with amusement but presently with disquiet.  The animal was tossed up from the floor in a series of little rebounds such as a football might have shown.  What was at first taken to be playfulness was shortly recognized to indicate distress.

Waking, the recorder found that his own abdominal walls were uncomfortably tense; he had a prosaic stomachache.”

The reason for a bedside table or a cat being used within the dream is subjective to each individual dreamer.  Your dream will use elements that you can associate with so you understand the message, and unless it is a dream about someone else or a premonition, it will relate to something in your current waking life.

Also, take note of how you perceived the scene because your observational thoughts of a scene playing out, just like the guy observing the cat, is where you are thinking within a dream, going through a process of reasoning and this information adds to the message of the dream.

Dream elements that may be in a dream about your physical health could be:

Medical professionals, services, and buildings.

Natural Health professionals, services, and buildings.

Foodstuffs, medicine, supplements, and plants.

A vehicle and car parts.

Body and body parts.

Dreams about your physical health give you the opportunity to understand what you may not have known or to confirm something for you, hopefully, you get a suggestion on a remedy or solution, and if you want to know about something going on with your physical health, ask before you go to sleep.

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