mother nature

The Web of Life

When mum and I’s cat, Charlie started to show her age, we had discussed her passing naturally and also by the means of the vets.  In the later stages, we knew she was uncomfortable, yet she continued to eat and purr, with the odd bad day.  Mum was alarmed as soon as she knew Charlie was in pain and my partner suggest I ask for help.

When I asked for help, it poured in.  I saw our space of love that is like a dome over the land we live, and the top was emanating a pearlescent light, I saw Charlie’s essence as that light and her being and all she had experienced started to weave a web down the dome.

Mum put a feather with Charlie to symbolise for her to take flight and David and I spent time every day to visualise this web of life spindle down the dome so her essence could once again be back with all of nature within this land.

The next day she sprung back and was back to eating, moving, and purring.  Mum said that whatever we were doing was working, yet not in the way Mum thought.  Mum was happy either way.

Each day I saw this web had grown and on day 6 it was ¾ of the way down.

That night a rain of pearlescent light fell over my vision and soon after Charlie passed in her sleep.

The gratitude to nature is strong, there is no need for us to repeat history, we can create a new history.  Yes, I understand we feel we are doing the right thing when we put our pets to sleep, it’s the humane thing to do. 

All we needed to do for Charlie was to assist with the process and what a beautiful process it was.