dream within a dream

Weeding Thoughts

At times, not random, from my thoughts, comes cause and effect.  Capturing this moment and deciding to change the cause from continuing, to no longer reinforce it, I use the symbolism from my soul’s consciousness that I have learnt through the studying of my dreams.

How do you act upon the moment when you sense something is not right, something or nothing may have happened, the feeling is there, the past, just the past few days, the past few days thoughts have crept into your beingness, and affect is brewing.

I know to take the time to pause, not reflect, that would be reinforcing the cause, like I heard a wise man say, ‘break pattern’. 

Although there was a frost that morning, and the bare fruit trees looked like cotton candy from the magnificent dream catcher spider webs, I put my slacks on and went into the garden. 

If I were to dream that there were some extraneous thoughts, thoughts that I could let go of, I may dream of cleaning my hair, or having my hair trimmed.  Maybe if I had carried on with these thoughts and not paid attention to myself, I may have dreamt of having nits.  The infestation would symbolise the negative aspect of the matter, the negative aspect is or will cause damage.

Using my consciousness symbolism language, I chose to weed the garden, with the purpose of weeding my thoughts.  Just like the weeds in my garden, wild thoughts were growing where they were not wanted, and to remove them would allow space for healthy thoughts to grow and others to be sown.

I did not null over the thoughts that had led to the feeling, nor did I think anything more of them, I said my purpose for weeding and then was present with my garden.